Terry Adams

BMX Flatland

"My success has been driven by innovation and doing things that have never been done before, which is exactly what 360fly is doing with their incredible camera.”

Terry's Bio

Age:31 Location:Hammond, Louisiana Sport:BMX Flatland

Hailing from a small town outside of New Orleans, Terry Adams was just 12 years old when found his passion for flatland; and by the time he was 16, Terry was entering flatland contests as a professional.

It was on the professional contest circuit that Terry began to make a name for himself, winning contest after contest all around the world. After winning an X Games gold medal in 2005, Terry received the most prestigious awards in his sport—Ride BMX Magazine's Number One Ride Award. He has since gone on to win the NORA Cup a second time in 2008.

Over the past few years Terry has graced the covers of and had feature interviews in all of the world's leading BMX magazines and been showcased on national television numerous times. His skills and success in flatland are unmatched, and many of his peers refer to him as 'the ambassador for flatland'.

Today Terry continues to push himself and the limits of his riding while representing his sponsors to the fullest. Although his travel schedule is packed with demos all across the country and contests in various corners the globe, Terry remains grounded in his roots that stem from a passion for flatland that began so many years ago.

Q & A


What inspired you to start riding?


I love the feeling I get from riding BMX. The feeling of freedom is why I started riding bikes. I was motivated by the fact that I could create my own tricks and the sport has no rules as well.


Favorite trick?


My favorite trick is called 'the katrina' I invented it during hurricane Katrina here in Louisiana.


When you're not riding what are you up to?


My other interest besides BMX is marketing, business, and real-estate.

Career Highlights


3rd Place: Dew Tour Ocean City - BMX Flatland,
Ocean City, Maryland, USA

4th Place: BMX Worlds - Pro Flatland,
Cologne, Germany


2nd Place: Dew Tour Ocean City, BMX Flatland,
Ocean City, Maryland, USA

3rd Place: Flatland Voodoo Jam,
New Orleans, USA


Winner: JoMoPro BMX Flatland
Champion, Missouri, USA


Winner: NORA cup, Number One Flatride,
Award, USA


1st place: X Games, Seoul, South Korea

Winner: NORA Cup - Number One Flatrider
Award, USA