Sharing a 360° video to Google Street View on Android

Create your own Street View content. With our latest upgrade to the 360fly mobile app, you can share 360° videos to create Street View collections.

How it Works

You need to record a video with your 360fly camera of the route that you want to digitalize for Street View. The 360fly Mobile application will then process the video and publish it to Street View on Google Maps.

Requirements for Street View sharing

  • 360fly 4K or Pro camera
  • GPS needs to be turned on and has satellite fix (green GPS icon in live view) while recording
  • Video needs to be recorded in 4K capture mode (2880x2880 on 360fly 4K)



If you haven´t used your 360fly camera before please refer to the “Getting started” guide on how to connect your camera with your Mobile application. Also, visit the "How To" section.


Recording a Street View ready video

First you will want to record a video of the route that you want to digitalize.


Checking the camera GPS

Please make sure that GPS is enable on your 360fly camera before recording the video. Here you can check How to Enable the GPS on the camera.
After enabling GPS make sure that the camera has a GPS fix before starting the recording. You can verify the fix by checking the GPS icon in the top right of the live view. If the icon is green you are good to go. If the GPS icon is grey you need to wait until the GPS gets a fix and the icon turns green. To get a fix the camera needs to be outside and it can take a couple of minutes until the GPS gets the fix.

Checking the video resolution

Please make sure that the camera is set to a 4K capture mode. We suggest using Time-Lapse mode set to 0.5 or 1 second interval which will reduce the video file size and speed up the publishing process to Street View. You can also use the 360° Video Mode or 30 FPS Mode if you want to record with a higher framerate. Refer to “Change capture modes on the 360fly 4K

Now you can start recording your route.


Sharing the video to Street View

Before you can share the video to Street View you need to download it from your camera to your mobile phone. Please refer to “Edit a 360fly 4K video inside the 360fly app"
After you downloaded and potentially edited your video on your mobile phone you can start the upload.
Note: To upload the video to Street View your mobile phone needs to have an internet connection. If you want to upload the video via WiFi please make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the correct WiFi and not to the camera anymore before starting the upload.
Start the Street View upload process by tapping on the icon from inside the On My Phone section or choose at the end of the edit flow if you are creating a Clip Capture. Both options will bring up the same system share screen shown in the 2nd image.